Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mixed Media Tag

Sometimes I wish I had more time to create, 4 girls and a house to look after certainly takes up a lot of my time, leaving very little time to create, especially in daylight hours ;)

Which got me thinking of "quicker" projects that I could create that are equally as rewarding.. One of the ideas i thought of was Mdf tags ( I made this one for the Kiwi Lane Guest Post ) .

I made this one, during nap time (which doesn't happen as much any more) .

I kinda like that there is a limited amount of space to work with, but the possibilities are endless..

You all know by now how much i love layering, in this case the layers are more subtle, paper, gesso, paint, stamping and then embellishments.

I love that the lace just adds a touch of "shabby chic" feel ..

So, what projects to you make when time is limited ???

Don't forget i am having a mini kit giveaway here ......

Happy Crafting, Claire x 


  1. I like to make teeny tiny cards for my kids when time is a bit limited (which is most of the time). Otherwise I like to get backgrounds done so I can do all the nice bits when I return!

  2. Fabulous tag, love the gorgeous flowers and papers.

    Linda xxxx