Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday inspiration

Happy Sunday friends..

How was your week?? Mine was good and went by pretty fast, so to get you inspired for the week to come, here is what's inspiring me..


Yummy pink lemonade in sweet mason jars, what could be sweeter ??



Can't wait to recieve this package from studio calico, these colours and embelishments really are my favourites !!

My new craft space !! Last weekend and for most of the past week, I have had a huge !! Move around. This space used to be my daughters bedroom which was a loft conversion... But the two older girls decided that they would like to share rooms, so we made it happen!

My old craft room is now a sunny place to sit, which is still one of my favourite rooms in the house ;) and I have a new space, which I have yet to spend more than 15 minutes in :( hoping that today I will have an opportunity to get my craft on !!


I love how Amy has embellished her day book. I still have yet to complete my book from our holiday to Egypt.... Hoping that today will be the day to start....


Happy thoughts of our holiday have been in my heart, still very inspired by this beautiful place ..


So what's inspiring you ?


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Curbing the spending ... Update

Last Thursday I posted about a personal mini challenge, curbing the online spending !

So I thought I would drop into today to give you a little update...

So far so good...

Don't get me wrong there have been times over this past week when I have be tempted to spend , especially when one of your favourite bloggers announces on twitter that she is having a de-stash of her paper/embellishments ect .... However I didn't respond

No eBay purchases , no new products for the shop, which I think I may sell some limited addition grab bags of products... So I can have some time to re-evaluate....

I have to confess though, today I couldn't resist the special offer studio calico were offering $10 off! This months Card Kit!! I think so far this has been my favourite kit, the colours, embellishments really appeal to my style..


But that's it no more spending


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Layered scrapbook page

This is my first scrapbook layout from our holiday to Egypt...

When I took this photo, sat enjoying the warm sun. I knew that it would make the perfect scrapbook page......

I wanted to shadow the colours of flags in the layout, which for me was a great help as sometimes choosing a colour combination can be the hardest part...

I love to Stich on my projects and even though my machine "skipped" a few stitched (not sure why) I like the way it turned out.

The majority of this layout was created using Studio Calico Junes kit .. I love the Urban Traveller chipboard stickers .

I decided not to journal on the front of this layout. So I used a journalling card to slide into the glassine bag ..

Oops I almost forgot, I splattered Mr Hueys on the paper to start ;)

Happy crafting


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday inspiration .....

Looking for some inspiration ??

I normally share with you 5 things that's inspiring me each Sunday, today however I am only going to share one. As that one thing I know will share with you other links to inspire you ...

I have to admit I have loved reading through this magazine with my cup of tea this morning!

If you love paper, scrapbooking and memory keeping you are going to love this magazine !

I have book marked a few new blogs and shops ;)

There is also a mood board challene which is definitely worth checking out and having a go ;)


So what you waiting for, go grab a drink of your choice, curl up on the sofa and go be inspired !!!

Happy crafting

*** this is not a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own, I felt it fitting to share this magazine with you, in keeping with my blogs theme and readers *****


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Curbing the spending

Today's class prompt is about setting goals ..

Which ties in lovely with something that I have been thinking a lot about lately , cutting back on my spending :/

  • Products for shop
  • Supplies
  • Advertising
  • Classes , the list goes on ......

So my goal is to cut out my extra spending habits, no more impulse buying

Starting today til the 20th July I vouch to no more online spending ;)

Instead use the products and supplies I already have, no more advertising for the shop and probably what I spend most on is new products for the shop..

At the end of the month, I will reward myself with....


Which, by the way is currently on offer ;)


Are you working towards any goals at the moment ??

Have you made any cut backs ??


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

1st Local Craft Class... Watercolour Cards

The weather is a little gloomy here today, but I just had to take some photos to show you what I made at a local craft class last night ..

I had so much fun....

The atmosphere and the other ladies were lovely, I felt right at home .

This was the first card I made, using ink as a watercolour , is a new technique for me, just shows how versatile some products can be!

This is definitely something I will experiment with on many more projects..

Here is the second card I made ...

Again same technique using different colours.. Not sure if you can tell on the photograph but the little girl is layered so it gives a 3d effect.

Not only did I learn a few helpful hints and tips, it was so nice to enjoy a little bit of me time. It was equally as nice to spend it with people how enjoy the same things too!

Looking forward to next week already ;)

Happy crafting


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This made me smile .....

Today's class prompt is about photos and I am going to tell you about this one ....

This was taken yesterday using my iPhone 5 edited using instagram.
I chose this photo as this girl, she melts my heart... She loves everything pink!! Including pink (strawberry) ice cream .
These are the little moments that I love to capture, all to soon she will be at part time school and moments like this will be harder to soak up.
She is growing up way to fast.
Looking forward to Turing this photo into a scrapbook page, any guesses on the colour I will use :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday inspiration .....

This post is a little later in the day than I intended.. My dad came to spend some time with me and the girls , the perfect way to spend Father's Day? A trip to the local DIY store, fun bonding time ;)

Here is the card I made for him..

A little reminder to myself, to spend more time doing what I love !

Here is what's inspiring me this week ...

These shops, I love spending time here :)

I would love to fill my home with these pretty flowers..


I love everything about this print, the front, the saying, the colours it would look perfect framed and hung..



Fabric flowers ! These are on my to do list !! How cute ..


What's inspiring you ??


Thursday, 13 June 2013

My craft space .... Part 1

I am really lucky to have a room in my home, especially for my craft products, supplies and is also home to my shop products too!

I don't know what it is with me, but the more space I have the more space I seem to need....? Same with cooking I have a large kitchen work top. And when I am cooking I use the whole space and would probably use more if I had it, same applies when I am creating.

I posted this photo of my sewing/packaging/storage and everything else table on Instagram last week...

I have since bought a few baskets to help create some sort of organisation to my supplies and products, truth is I need it!

As my shop and product ideas grow i am thinking I need an organised space that works for me? Maybe that will mean just changing some things around and/or selling some of my fabric stash to make way for new things? Not sure yet..

One thing I am sure of is I will be searching Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration of how I can make the most of the space I am so lucky to have :)

Happy crafting

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Oh!, if you have any tips I would love you to share them with me, leave a comment below :)


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Inspiration

Some inspiration for you today :


Beautiful pink peonies, I love their vibrant colours and their fullness..



My new favourite blog , swoon! I could spend hours looking at her beautiful layouts, admiring maggies colour palate and learning from her photographs. I lovely place to stop by and be inspired..



I was so happy when I found these at my local hobby craft! So so so cute :) looking forward to using them in many projects!



Black and white decor... My home is pretty neutral, with hints of colour.. But I really like the idea of black and white. I especially love these curtains.



Yummy, I definitely have a sweet tooth rather than savoury... I intend to have a go at baking these yummy chocolate shortbreads..


So what's inspiring you this Sunday ?


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Home again ...

It almost feels like forever since I last posted ....

After returning home in the early hours of Tuesday morning, it has taken me some time to readjust, not to mention tackling the mountain! Of washing ..

The holiday was not only much needed but exceeded my expectations... It was lovely, hot! But lovely.

The place and the people were inspiring and I often found myself daydreaming new ideas and projects to start , this list however will have to wait until shop orders and chores are completed ;)

I have a few personal projects that are waiting to be started too including this class I signed up for , and I am just itching to get started ..


Of course I will be sharing photos and posts along the way ;)