Friday, 27 December 2013

6 Pretty Calendar's for 2014

Hey everyone,

There are some really pretty calendars around, here are a few of my favourites..

Pattern & Post card 2014 ~ Stationery Boutique 
Printable Calendar ~ Little Light Prints 
Desk Calendar ~ Pikake Press 
DIY Illustrated printable ~ sevenstar
Wall planner ~ Sam Osborne Store
Geometric Calendar ~Penuatoakprint 

I like the idea of a wall calender , to give you an overall out-look for the year ahead ..

Did you get a calendar for Christmas ??

Thank you for stopping by :)

Claire x


  1. Very nice calendars
    I think my favorite is the Little Light Print :)

    1. Thank you winnie..

      there are so many nice ones, I like the idea of a wall calendar this year :)