Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Project Life Tuesday Week 6

Oh how the weeks seem to be passing by so quickly !!!!

I love nothing more than sitting at my dinning room table each Sunday for an hour and working on my Project Life Spread.. There is something so therapeutic about the whole process ..

Here is my spread ...

One thing I have learnt with PL, there is no right or wrong, just go with what's inspiring you at that moment ..

Even though my spread looks different each week in terms of colour and core kits used, there are a few things which I have tried to keep in each spread .

  • 2 4x6 photos
  • 4 smaller photos which I cut down depending on the card I am going to put it on .
  • I stitch on at least 2 of the cards.
  • I try to mirror the embellishments I use on one side onto the other..

So how about you, do you follow a theme each week ??? or do you go with what's inspiring you at the time ?? I would love to know :)


  1. I just love all of your cute embellishments! Beautiful layouts!

  2. thank you so much Emily :) your sweet comment made my day !!!

    Hope your day is great !!

    Claire x