Friday, 17 January 2014

Coffee Date Friday

If I thought last week went by quickly, this week went by like a flash !! So glad that the weekend is here though !! 
The school routine has been easier this week, but midnight bed-hopping has made me one tired mommy .

If we were meeting for coffee/tea today, we would be celebrating my baby girls 3 birthday, there would be Minnie Mouse cake and home-made cupcakes .. 
I would be Thanking you (all) for your support and kind words last week, I was glad I opened up about my upcoming surgery (next Friday).

I would share with you that I went for my Pre-Op appointment  yesterday, which went well and I had a lot of my questions answered.. 

I would be excited to tell you that I my No Sew Fabric Bow Tutorial , was accepted onto CraftGawker which has made my week !! Working on my photos is something that I hope to improve on this year too !!

This week I will be focusing on getting organised for next weekend.. 

Today though is a day of celebration, Minnie Mouse style !! Its hard to believe that she is already 3.. After a traumatic birth (emergency c-section ) at 34 weeks, she weighed only 4lbs .She has such a lovely nature, full of smiles..

What would you share with me ??

Joining Alissa @ Rags to Stitches for Coffee Date Friday

Claire xo


  1. Claire, so glad the pre-op appt. went well. I know from experience that having questions answered gives great peace of mind. Do have fun celebrating your lovely girl's birthday. Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes sounds perfect to me. My husband is currently dieting, so there's been a dearth of cake and cupcakes in our house. Not good! I try to sneak some when he's at work, since I work from home. Happy Friday, and have a good weekend.

    1. hi, thank you for your sweet words... my husbands contently dieting too :/ .. Although after the op, i am hoping to have a more healthier lifestyle too ;).. We had a lovely birthday celebration.. hope you have a great week too x

  2. Stopping by from Coffee Date Friday!

    I would tell you that...

    ...Your daughter is precious! And clearly a warrior in the making, given her unexpected, early intro to life.

    ...I hope your party goes off without a hitch and that the birthday girl has a blast!

    ...I hope your surgery goes complication-free with a quick recovery.

    Happy Partying and Happy Weekend!

    1. yay, so glad you stopped by !!

      Thank you for your reassuring words, they mean so much, my op is in 2 days so feeling a little nervous..

      Hope you have a great week xo

  3. Happy birthday to your little girl! And I bet her Minnie Mouse party is going to be fabulous! Stopping by from Coffee Date Friday.

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes , she had a lovely birthday :)

      have a great week xo