Friday, 14 February 2014

Coffee Date Friday :

If we were meeting for coffee today, I would probably by drinking water instead of tea to try and shake this "fuzzy head" that I have had these past few day .. which I know is due to lack of water and not getting a restful sleep ...

I would share with you that 3 weeks ago today I went for my operation, it seems almost like a lifetime ago .. I have another 3 weeks recovery to go , the days are pretty much the same and almost seem to merge together. I am feeling better and my wounds are finally starting to heal .. I am so ready for things to be back to normal ..

I would also share that my girls have touched my heart this week, the eldest came home last night with her edible creations from baking club, cakes truffles, chocolates and cupcakes with hand made roses.. So proud of her .. 
My second daughter surprised me this morning with a  handmade Valentines Card, it's these little moments that make everything worth while..

What else, I started operation sleep this week !! after weeks of my 3 year old going to sleep at 10-11pm each night I was one tired mommy.. This past two nights She has been asleep before 8.30 which is so refreshing just to enjoy those few hours of peace..

I would wish you a Happy Valentines Day xo

What would you share with me ??

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  1. Hi there! Popping by from Alissa's coffee date.

    How sweet are your girls and their gifts? And Baking Club??? Sign me up! Sounds like so much fun. :) I bet your daughter loves that and you get to reap the yummy benefits.

    Three cheers for good sleep. I bet you feel like a whole new Momma! Happy weekend. :)

    -Lindsay from

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for stopping by :) yes a good nights sleep definitely helps :)

    Yes, its these sweet moments that out-weigh the bad moments .. i hope you have a great week xo