Wednesday, 17 July 2013

End of year Teacher Gift ideas....

It's almost that time again, another school year over .

Saying goodbye to the those familiar faces that we have come to know for the past year, those faces that have inspired our children, guided them with knowledge, understanding and growth..

It's kind of bittersweet..

So to say thank you to those faces a.k.a teachers ;) I always try to make a gift that's homemade, last year I bought mugs and filled them with treats and then gift wrapped them...

This year, well you will have to wait and see ;)

But I thought I would share some gift ideas to get you inspired...



I have to admit I have a "thing" for cactus at the moment, but I think that this would make a great gift, love the tag which is available to pink via the link above :)



I am sure most teachers could do with a coffee at some point during the day ? This would be perfect.



Cute idea, great packaging and gifts inside.



Fun and practical!


Source - unknown :(

I think this is such a fun idea...


What are you giving as thank you gifts this year ??


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