Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday Inspiration ...

Happy Sunday,

I had the urge to have a huge spring clean today :/ and as I am sat enjoying a calm moment, I realise I could really do with a long hot soak in the bath to help ease my aches and pains ....

So here is what's inspiring me this week.


Today's cleaning, included a major tidy up of my garden, plants were removed, rose bushes cut down and just general clean up.. My idea is to have planters rather than actual planting? I love these containers this is look I would love to achieve.



How cute are these ?? I love the style. Makes me want to sew more :/


Loving this style and colour combination !


Tomorrow is the last day of the school year !! I cannot believe another year is over !!

In between cleaning and gardening my and the girls made 6 "thank you" teacher gifts, they came out pretty cute ! The girls are excited to take them tomorrow ...


What's been inspiring you lately ??


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