Tuesday, 4 February 2014

10 Ways to Brighten up your Winter :: La Caseta de Paper

Let me start this post with a huge HI to all the readers of Live Love Create, my name is Laura, and I blog at La Caseta de Paper. I'm so happy to be guest posting here today! When Claire asked if I wanted to do a guest post, I quickly knew that I wanted to post about something cheerful and happy. I don't know about you, but for me January and February are the saddest months in the calendar. Christmas and its lights are gone since days ago, and Spring is still pretty far away. That's how I came up with this post: 10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Winter. I hope you'll like it, and you find some inspiration in it to fight the winter blues in it. 


  1. Who said that gardening is for Spring? Start an herb garden in your kitchen, you won't need much space for this! Buy little tins, or even better, recycle some you already have at home, and plant herbs that not only you can use for cooking, but that will also purify the air inside. Some ideas include rosemary, lavender, basil or mint.

  2. Talking about gardening. What about cheering up those boring terracota pots you have for the balcony and garden, painting them in bright colors? In that way when Spring comes and you get them out again they'll be original, cheerful, and pretty. And meanwhile you'll have lots of fun with it! 

  3. Even if usually our clothes during winter have darker colors (grey, brown, black, dark green...) cheer up your wardrobe using bright accessories. Are you wearing black today? Cheer it up using a fluor scarf!

  4. If there's a tree near where you live that has lost all it's leaves, or that is all covered in snow now, you have the chance to start a wonderful project: take a photo of it every two weeks, and keep doing it for the next months (with the same tree). At the end, put the photos together: you'll see the evolution of the tree through the seasons, and believe me, that's something amazing!

  5. Put up together a cute package for a friend that lives far away and surprise them sending it. You don't need to send anything expensive (bonus points if what you send is handmade), but pay lots of attention in the packaging: wrap it all up with lots of love, decorating it all in a way that they'll feel bad even unwrapping it. You'll have lots of fun putting it all together, and it will totally make your day when they contact you to say that they received it, and that it was totally amazing and unnexpected!

  6. What's that skill you always wanted to learn? Play the guitar? Knitt? Learn to use your photo camera in manual mode or the sewing machine? Then winter is a great chance for it! We spend more time home because of the bad weather, and there's a bunch of good tutoraials you can find online for almost anything. And if you can get a friend to learn with you, even better, in that way you'll motivate each other in the process and it will be less likely that you give up on it.

  7. Use colorful covers in your pillows and throwns. Brightening up a room with color won't cost you a fortune (you can even make the covers yourself i you know how to sew), and the visual result will for sure bring your mood up. 

  8. Create a playlist only with happy cheerful songs... and listen to it every day! Songs have that amazing power to change our mood in a matter of seconds. Take advantage of it!

  9. Plan a themed party! If you are a social butterfly and you love to invite people over at your place, Winter is a good excuse for a themed party. There's not much to celebrate during these months (unless it's your birthday), which means you can make up any kind of party you want. You'll have lots of fun planning it, and people for sure will appreciate it.

  10. Don't forget about getting natural sunlight. Even if most of the days days are foggy, or rainy, or snowy, whenever you catch a sunny day and you get the chance, get outdoors for a while, that's one of the best antidepressants known. Do the same inside the house: sit near a sunny window to read, and let the curtains open to let as much sunshine in as possible.

Happy Winter!


  1. Thanks so much for letting me guest post on your blog :)

    1. You are welcome !! Thank you for such a great post !!

      have a great weekend xo

  2. That's such a nice list to cheer up your mood during those gloomy winter weeks! Thanks for the nice tips Laura!

    1. Hi Emma,

      Thank you for stopping by , glad you enjoyed the guest post !!

      Claire x