Friday, 7 February 2014

Coffee Date Friday ::

Happy Friday !!

This is the first week in a long while that has dragged ... maybe it has something to do with the fact that my days at the moment are pretty much the same, whilst I recover from my operation ..

I am two weeks post-op and finally feeling more like my usual self. After a few set backs, a reaction to medication, more anti-biotic's and a leaky scar :( ..

If we were meeting for coffee/tea today i would be excited to see you and glad of some company ..

I would share with you that I am ready to kick start a more healthy lifestyle and exercise!! 

I am loving blogging at the moment and I am really grateful to have some really good blogging friends that have helped me out guest posting for those days where opening up the laptop was really unappealing..

I would also share with you how I am feeling a little lost at the moment , with regards to career and what to do with myself :( 

So how about you  ? What would you share with me ?

Claire xo

Linking up with the lovely Alissa 


  1. Thank you, Alissa, for sharing! I"m in the same place... seeking Wisdom for our family's next moves, learning to be content with the unknown, yet not getting complacent in seeking direction!! new friend from "On your Heart" with the Wiegands -angela at

  2. Thank you Angela for stopping by :) Its nice to know that your not alone in the search for your next move, I hope you are having a lovely weekend

    Claire xo