Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday Moments

I thought it would be fun to start of the new week with 4 inspiring things to get us through the week ...

First up .......

Bonnie, is one of the most inspiring people, this article is a great read for tips about working from home and keeping your creativity and inspiration flowing, something I have struggled with post-op but really hoping that is going to change soon .. Go grab yourself a cup of Tea and spend 5 minutes reading this article..

I love Starbucks Mugs, I have been meaning to buy myself one fora while, but I have to say I think this Bistro Mug would be perfect and a great little reminder each day to be present in each moment .

Paper Cupcakes ~ Damask Love

The lack of creating in my home, is kinda sad.. but i think these cute paper cupcakes might be the thing to get my creative side going.. I think these would be the perfect "sweet" treat for my girls, maybe with a little something just in time for Valentines Day (4 days away !!! yikes ).

And lastly .....

10 Years of Kikki.K

I think this is such an inspirational video about turning your dreams and goals into reality and making things happen !! Not to mention the cutest stationary ..

So there are my 4 things to start the week of inspirationally..

If you have any inspirational links to share with us, please leave a comment below so we can stop by and check them out !!

Happy Monday 

Claire xo

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