Thursday, 26 June 2014

Re-usable Favour Bags (Ramadan Makes)

I am busy working on the girls Ramadan Gift Baskets , I wanted to make sure that they have enough activities to help keep them occupied, whilst helping them reflect on this blessed month.

So one of the items that I wanted to include was beads, so they could make their own prayer beads.

It was so much cheaper for me to buy a big box of beads and divide them in to 4 piles, rather than buying 4 individual packets, which lead me onto this quick DIY , re-usable favour/gift bags.

The great thing about these cotton bags is that they can easily be sewn for gifts and then re-used, the hardest part is choosing the fabric :)


  • Fabric
  • Ribbon, Ric Rac or Pom Poms 
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine 
  • Iron 


  • Cut your fabric ( I cut mine 6" x 14" but you can customise your size).
  • Fold the fabric in half , right sides together 
  • iron, turn over the 6" edges iron to keep the fold in place , you could also pin .. This helps to create a neat finish to the tops.

  • Add any trim across the 6" edge, sew in place 
  • Fold right sides together , pin in place 
  • sew down the two open sides
  • turn right side out 
  • iron 
  • cut ribbon for the bow
  • Add your treats :) 

I added some tags on to each of the bags .... Cute

I hope that you enjoyed this quick DIY !! It is definetley an achievable "nap time" project ..

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  1. Loooving your signature on the blog, it looks great! Also this is a great idea!

  2. thank you :) !!!

    Love the signature , have a great weekend