Friday, 24 January 2014

Coffee Date Friday


Another week that seems to have flown by .. although there hasn't been as much bed-hopping going on this week , I generally have felt more rested this week, apart from last night which consisted of lots of tossing and turning and a restless mind ..

If we were meeting for coffee/tea, I would probably need a little reassurance for my operation this afternoon.  I think the hardest part of the whole thing is leaving the girls, but I am so ready to start living my life again ..

I would also be sharing with you that I am so grateful for some great blogging friends that are helping me out by guest posting over the next couple of weeks, for those days where I just need to rest..

I am looking forward to getting back creating, I have so many ideas for simple DIYs to share with you all..

I have packed a blank notebook and this really cute kikki.k diary as well as "The Happiness Project" and Oprah's Biography .. 

What would you share with me ??

Have a great weekend.

Claire xo

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